In the early 1990s, David Grayson and the late Jonathan Auerbach recognized a dramatic shift in the investment needs of U.S. institutions venturing into global markets. In increasing numbers, these investors were seeking the same benefits of value investing and quality execution they were achieving in their domestic portfolios.

In response, Auerbach and Grayson conceived a new bottom-up methodology for accessing the international markets and formed Auerbach Grayson & Company to put it into practice. From the beginning, our firm and its global-network concept proved successful in fulfilling its mission and improving all aspects of institutional investing abroad.


A Mission That Continues to Grow

Over the years, Auerbach Grayson has been expanding the scope of its mission. Our office in New York serves as global gateway for institutional investors not only from America, but also from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 

We have also expanded the range of investments we help our clients pursue. In addition to traditional equity securities, we connect our clients with a variety of capital markets offerings worldwide, including IPOs, follow-on stock offerings, private placements, accelerated book builds, secondary offerings, block trades, and rights issues.


From a Client's Perspective

With our global-network structure, we serve as each broker partner’s office in New York. Similarly, each of our partners serves as our local office in the partner’s home market. Accordingly, when our clients deal with our New York “gateway,” it’s the same as dealing directly with the local brokers.

The relationship between our firm, our client, and our local broker in each market allows clients to have their orders move freely and anonymously, securing best execution.